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"We were looking for a partner who has a high quality product, pride in their product, innovation, and a vision.”
-Azad Brepotra, Project Manager, Mizuno

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  • 25% Compliance Improvement

    Hubble uncovered key insights for global facility services provider, ISS, that led to a 25% improvement in compliance performance.

    -ISS Facilities Services

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  • Practically Plug and Play

    “Hubble required very little IT support during the implementation and needs almost no IT support on an ongoing basis."

    - Ladbrokes

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  • 99% Target Achievement

    With increased, real-time visibility, Womble was able to meet planned targets by 99% and improve their own customers’ experiences.

    -The Womble Company

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Flexibility is the key to better performance

Hubble Offers Superior KPI Reporting With Integrated Reporting, Analytics And Planning.

We've discovered the winning formula that allows you to better understand, manage, and predict your business performance, all in real time.

Hubble’s purpose-built integration with your ERP lets our reporting, planning and analytics software solutions extract the information that’s the most insightful and relevant to helping your company make better informed business decisions.

Your result? Helping your finance team shine with more insightful analytics that improve your bottom line. That’s why Hubble is the next generation in business performance management.

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Reporting .

Hubble Reporting software is the only real-time reporting solution that lets you work with live JDE and Oracle EBS ERP data.

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  • Real-time financial and operational data
  • Tight-fitting ERP integration
  • Prebuilt templates
  • Ad-hoc inquiries
  • Drill-down functionality

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Analytics .

Hubble Analytics connects data from every facet of your organization to your ERP for personalized dashboards and visuals. Hubble innately understands the intelligence and structure of your ERP. This ensures you have all the data you need at all levels of the organization. Because of this, Hubble’s software solution makes it easy to clearly and concisely show the state of the business anywhere - any time.

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  • KPIs and scorecards
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Alerts, notifications, and approvals
  • Workspace collaboration
  • Real-time ERP integration

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Planning .

Hubble Planning gives finance and business users the ability to budget, forecast and plan in real time. Because Hubble’s patented software integrates directly with the source of truth – your JDE and Oracle EBS ERP – your KPI reporting is facts-based and reliable.

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  • Real-time automation
  • Continuous forecasting
  • Centralized repository
  • Excel integration
  • What-if scenarios

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