Don't just manage your business. Grow it.

Type: Webinar September 14, 2017, 10am MST ,

Don't just manage your business. Grow it with corporate performance management 2.0.

In the last 10 years we have all seen huge advances in our personal lives due to new technologies such as the web, Google, Apps, smart devices and the ever growing reach of reliable fast wifi. At work it’s a different story.  Most of us are still running the same systems, with the same problems, bottlenecks,  inefficiencies and frustrations as we had in the 90’s and noughties. It’s time to streamline.
We hoped that Corporate Performance Management (a focus on corporate initiatives that address the specific needs of the finance organization) might be the answers to our frustrations but the new approach failed to incorporate critical insights from others areas of the business such as HR, Sales and Operations.  Corporate performance management 2.0 is powered by breakthrough technologies and smart applications that actually understand all your systems (rather than just connect to them).   
Report, Analyze and Plan for your organisation… all from a single source of the truth.  A key requirement of CPM 2.0 is that it already understands your key business systems, so a project can deliver the first, live, results in days, not months (or years!). In this 60 minute webinar with John Brooks and Julie Holmes we’ll show you the Hubble solution that will dramatically increase visibility across departments and transform your business.
After attending this event you will be able to:
  1. Understand the game changing technology that has allowed CPM 2.0 to exist
  2. Identify the benefits that CPM 2.0 will bring all across the organization
  3. Plan a rapid CPM 2.0 project, with fast Time To Value and ROI
To register:  https://www.proformative.com/events/don-t-just-manage-your-business-grow-it-corporate-performance-management-20

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