Growth-driven Performance Management - Redefining CPM 2.0

Type: Presentation August 15, 2017 - August 15, 2017 ; Denver 80202, CO

The ability to access and make sense of large amounts of data in real-time has become a priority for organizations. Business intelligence tools that were enthusiastically accepted as a solution to decipher, manage and comprehend massive amounts of data have failed to deliver. Stale, or ‘dead’ data pulled from ERP and other critical business systems and put into pretty charts and graphs will never provide the real-time insights needed to make critical business decisions on the fly and seize growth opportunities.

Hear how Womble Company is taking corporate performance management to the next level. As a leader in the oil & gas pipeline industry, the company manages inventory of more than 278,600 joints of serialized pipe in more than 2,300 storage locations covering more than 250 acres of outdoor storage. With Hubble analytics and reporting solutions, Womble is saving $500K per month in operational expenses, significantly improving bottom-line growth.

Join Chris Walsh from Hubble by insightsoftware.com, as he outlines what the future holds for growth-driven performance management solutions and how the early adopters like Womble have transformed their business.

When: 8 AM Tuesday, August 15
Where: Plaza Court 1

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