Build Your Own Training for the JDE User

Traditional training sessions leave users overloaded with information that they can’t retain. We make training and education a part of the continuous process—ensuring all our users are learning in a way that’s practical and useful for their role.

Choose one of both of the sessions below.

Session 1:
Reporting Training
encompasses a combination of basics and advanced functionality in a real-time format. Participants will be able to create content that drives action, changing the reporting process to proactive rather than reactive. Mastery will include:
  • Identifying the value of reports captured from the ERP data
  • Forecasting/Predicting what is going to happen in your business
  • Mastering your data
  • Reporting Life Cycle, including how to build dynamic reports
  • Best Practices
  • Transforming data into information

Session 2:
“The Art of the Possible”
takes traditional reporting to the next level. By allowing end users at all levels of the organization access to live data – extraordinarily fast—everyone can easily understand, manage and predict the business. Redundant processes disappear, and a high-performance business emerges.

The Budgeting Basics Workshop highlights the use of Budgeting for obvious functions, but also highlights its functionality for statistics, top side adjustments, period realignment and consolidations.
Intro to Analytics focuses on three things: The Hub, Visualizations, and Workspaces. This session provides
  • Exposure to the product home page and what is happening in the application.
  • Visualizations functionality that allows data to be better consumed (in both charts and metrics)
  • Workspaces.

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