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    We are more than just software nerds. We are all eager to get together as a team and give back to the people and the community that supports us.


    A severe car accident in 2012 significantly changed the life of Regan Moore; the beloved daughter of one of our valued employees. Though Regan suffered major neurological damage, her story was not yet over.

    Since then, Regan has begun intense therapy as part of her road to recovery. Each day her loved ones witness a little more of Regan’s cheerful personality shine through her smile.

    Our mission is to help Regan continue her journey to recovery. We’re dedicating many of our philanthropic efforts to this initiative.


    During World War II. Bletchley Park was the secret centre of Britain's code-breaking operations. Thousands of people worked here in complete secrecy to crack the codes and ciphers being sent by Nazi Germany as part of the war.

    It was at Bletchley that Enigma and Lorenz ecoded messages were deciphered to reveal the enemies' plans. The decipheruing of these messages was crucial to the Allies' eventual victory.

    The Lorenz messages between Hitler and his generals were the most difficult messages to decipher, but at Bletchley Park, the world's first modern computer was used to help speed up the process.

    Today, a rebuild of the amazing Colossus computer is a centrepiece of The National Museum of Computing. Hubble is proud to be a sponsor of a museum that celebrate historic, game-changing technology.

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