Financial Reporting
Made Easy

For your JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP

The challenges of enterprise financial reporting.

The financial reporting process can be painful – inefficient, error-prone, time consuming and resource draining. Some of the pain points of financial reporting include:

  • Month-end close taking 3-4 (or more) days
  • Lack of trust in data integrity and timeliness
  • No ability to drill down for needed information
  • Typically involves IT assistance
  • Heavy reliance on Excel, which compounds manual errors
  • Lack of ERP integration

How Hubble helps

Make financial reporting easy for JD Edwards & Oracle EBS users

  • Reduces month-end close by more than 50%

  • Lets you drill down to the underlying data in real time

  • Consistently maintains your link to the ERP

  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets, reducing errors and risk

  • Empowers users to create and manage reports with no reliance on IT

Get the Latest Bloor Report on Integrated Reporting Tools for JDE and Oracle EBS

Why Excel Doesn't Excel at Financial Reporting

For many JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite users, Excel is their go-to tool of choice. However, when surveys show that 90% of spreadsheets contain critical errors, the reality is financial reporting is the one area where you shouldn’t be using Excel in your business.

Why Is ERP Integration So Important?

ERP integration addresses the challenges of financial reporting. If your data is pulled and updated in real time – from a single source of truth – data integrity improves with the bonus of reducing reliance on IT.
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How do I integrate reporting with my ERP?

If your organization is using JDE or Oracle EBS ERP systems, Hubble by insightsoftware.com is purpose built to integrate directly with both in real time. Our Performance Reporting software connects your entire business around your ERP for consistent, accurate decision making.
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Learn More About Financial Reporting For Your Integrated ERP.

“Our month-end variance reporting used to take two people one full day, and now it takes one person half a day. That's 25% of what it used to be."

- Eli Salembier, Senior Director of Finance, NSF International

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