Even though they were the fastest-growing sports league in the world, Zuffa had one of their biggest brawls happening behind office doors: their employee's nights and weekends versus the spreadsheet.

Zuffa, the parent entity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has 40 million U.S. fans, and even more millions around the globe. With their unprecedented growth and reach, though, Zuffa had neglected updating back office technologies and processes. Danny Bazan, Director of Finance Planning and Analytics, was tasked with dealing with their spreadsheet mess.

"I could go to 5 different people and get 5 different answers. It was a terrible process," he says. He also notes: "But, the company had grown so much without even knowing what they were spending. How much more could we have made or grown if we would have managed it properly?"

With Hubble, Bazan was able to implement a process that:

  • Created a unified dashboard system for all users, with standardized reports
  • Transformed their reporting and financial planning processes
  • Took their actuals from a three-week process to one that now only takes a few hours
  • Allowed them to use stronger analytics to make decisions, rather than gut feelings

But, most importantly, Hubble helped Zuffa employees get their nights and weekends back from the dreaded spreadsheet. Ready to learn more about how Zuffa took on their foe?












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