The rapid rise and influence of information technologies unleashed in today's business world have demanded that data dashboards come to the rescue. To serve their purpose and to fulfill their potential, these executive dashboards need to show what works, what doesn't, why and they need to communicate all of that efficiently and effectively.

But sadly, most business dashboards fail - not because of the technology, but because of poorly designed panels. It's true, a dashboard's success is due in large part to its design.

Visual storytelling

Great data dashboards influence the customer experience. They tap into the power of visual perception to communicate by way of more simplicity, more science and less dazzle. And vision, by far, is our most powerful sense.

Most people understand things faster through visualization. Scientific research teaches us that processing data is accomplished via the cerebral cortex in the brain - the "grey matter" that surrounds the brain. While seeing numbers is an instant reaction, making cognitive sense of what the numbers represent takes conscious thought. Think about it the next time you have an a-ha! moment and you automatically shout, "I see!"

Upping your game

Today's organizations want zoomed in, high-detail, wrinkles, textures and the nitty-gritty on the business. The more attention the dashboard receives, the more information is retained - and understood. The truth is, the story being told on the dashboard influences enterprise decisions that affect every layer of business.

Visuals propel a powerful response by highlighting details - and imperfections - which in turn empowers leadership with the knowledge to make faster and more accurate decisions.

If you're looking to up your game with an efficient dashboard of informed design, then head over here. We've got the only data dashboard that deserves to live on your screen.

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