Ready to learn what makes Hubble so special in the business performance world? Paul Yarwood, CEO at Hubble, explains that it's about a few key obsessions: solving problems and, you, our customers. Really.

That first one—solving problems? Yarwood explains Hubble like this:

"ERP systems struggle around key capabilities. What we're doing is simple – we're going back to fix the original problem. In real time and integrated and keeping everything connected. That may seem like a really simple principle but it really has some profound consequences."

We're in the business of creating profound consequences, especially in the overarching goal that's driving all of our product development: helping our customers grow their business.

In the video, Yarwood goes on to explain how a customer-obsessed focus has served Hubble throughout the years, noting:

"We know if we can help our customers grow their business, we know they'll help us grow ours… Customer obsession is a very important of our business culture and it's served us well, regardless of business trends."

In this interview with Jean Baptiste Su of TechPulse 360, learn more about how Hubble can help you create the high-performing organization you've always dreamed of becoming. And, do it with ease.

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