"We were a mess," Anthony Lackey says and he means it.

As the Director of IT at ISS Facility Services, Lackey was in charge of the ERP system, time and attendance systems, and infrastructure for over half a million employees. With most of those employees in janitorial services, Lackey really knew a mess when he saw it.

ISS was losing four months every year in their budget cycle and $320K in people effort.

Lackey brought in Hubble to help reduce the data inconsistencies and hours of manual importing and exporting in and out of JD Edwards that the company was trying to sustain.

Alan Zeichick, from NetEvents, talks to Lackey in this interview about how Hubble helped ISS run better reports, analyze and reconcile data, and reduce budgeting and planning cycles.

Overall, Lackey is most pleased with the collaborative element Hubble has brought to the business. He notes:

"With Hubble, it's beautiful because they've got a social media component where different participants in the process can interactively collaborate and explain why certain variances are there. And subject matter experts can participate. And everyone in the organization can see those answers in one place. It really compresses the review process down and retains that knowledge and expertise… With Hubble, you've got all the right information, at the right place, at the right time, and it's retained indefinitely."

Ready to clean up your budgeting and planning processes like Lackey? Watch the full video for more insights into their project and then read the entire customer case study here.


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