It's not every day that we hear that Hubble revolutionized an entire industry. But, for Womble, a pipeline coating company, Hubble's performance management solution did just that. 


When your company has over 400,000 pieces of serialized pipeline products in over 2,300 storage locations, it's obvious you need a robust inventory system to manage it all—Excel just isn't going to cut it.

With Hubble, Womble customers now have a self-service portal where they can see their inventory at every step of the process. Customers can also request changes to orders or even customize their settings. Hubble even allows Womble's president to check in on all aspects of the business, any time and anywhere.

In this video, Bryan Brewer, IT and Operations Manager at Womble, explains how investing in Hubble helped his company:

  • Save over $500K every single month, thanks to improved performance
  • Go from meeting 70% of their planned targets to 99%, every day and on every order
  • Have a huge competitive advantage over other companies in their industry

"We have a customer who has told us that we've changed the industry… because we offer something no one else does," Brewer explains.

Ready to revolutionize your industry? Watch on.


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