Some of the most admired companies in the world, regardless of location, industry or size, share some common traits. And we’re not just talking about profit margins. They are nimble, smart, always challenging the status quo, working towards known goals and attracting the best employees.

One trend we’re always watching is what makes these companies exceptional? What separates them from the rest of the pack? How is it that these companies stand above the others as a high performing organizations? And what does a High Performance Organization (HPO) look like? According to Gartner, these companies have five key characteristics. They:

  • Set ambitious targets and consistently and continuously achieve their objectives and targets
  • Display a strong sense of purpose, by sharing their values inside (by employees) and outside (by customers, suppliers and other stakeholders) the organization
  • Have a strategic focus and alignment, where employees know how they are contributing to the results of the organization
  • Have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances quickly
  • Have a common and shared business model throughout the organization

These characteristics have a few key elements in common—continuously achieving objectives, connecting people and departments together in a strategic way and being able to be nimble and adapt to change in real-time.

So how do you get your company to this level?

It starts with having the right people, the right culture and the right tools and processes for the job. Performance management solutions can help create an atmosphere for high performance by empowering every employee with relevant, real-time data. By doing this, and connecting directly to critical business systems in the organization, the whole business can have more streamlined processes and can make contextual, informative decisions that drive performance.

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