There’s something encouraging about knowing others are suffering the same frustrations as you. When it comes to knowing when a change is necessary, it’s helpful to see what brought others to their breaking point.

Especially when it comes to making decisions that will impact your company, like changing your reporting solution. If you are on Oracle E-Business Suite, and using Discoverer as your reporting tool, then you know that Oracle ended premium support for Discoverer in June 2014. Even before the product began being phased out, we talked to many frusterated Discoverer users. We've compiled the three most common frustrations we hear from Oracle Discoverer customers when they are ready to find another reporting solution. If you use Discoverer, and the following things resonate with you, then it might be time to explore your Discoverer replacement options

  • It’s too complex
    Whether you need to see a report, or answer an ad hoc question, simple is always better. Our customers tell us that Discoverer’s drilldown capability is not simple. Users are unable to build drilldown without detailed training. So what tends to happen? People create reports without drilldown, and instead produce massive data dumps and summaries using Excel pivots. Regardless of whether you are running 11i or R12, this process is time-consuming, not scalable and open to serious human error.

  • It's too slow
    We’ve all been there: that moment when the Discoverer counter hits zero and then it starts to count back up again. Performance with Oracle Discoverer is slow – and this is partly because users are pulling too much data. But users can’t be blamed; they are often given no other logical choice. Customers reach their breaking point here when they realize how fast and flexible alternatives can be.

  • There's too many “Fan Trap” errors
    It’s incredibly disappointing for end users to build their own report with all the required joins, and then get the unlucky “Fan Trap” error. It’s the end users that need the data, so a solution should be catered to them. If it’s not, an over-reliance on IT develops in the organization – often requiring there to be an employee focused solely on building reports for the business and maintaining the Discoverer End User Layer. Plus, IT simply won’t always have the inside knowledge the end user does, and a report will sometimes be built based on something not yet known. This results in a tremendous amount of back-and-forth between end users and IT.

These are the top reasons most customers look to replace Oracle Discoverer as a reporting tool. The need for something else is becoming ever more prevalent as rumors continue to circulate that Oracle is ending premium support for Discoverer June 2014. What do you think? Do you experience these same pain points? Have you hit your breaking point yet? 

If you are feeling the frustration, read this Ebook to find your way after the end of Discoverer. 



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