We've written a lot on financial reporting, analytics and planning recently. So, we thought we would start something a little different. Something new. Something interesting. Something insightful. And not exactly written by us. As experts in business performance management and the ERP space, we are always on the lookout for up and coming research, articles, or entertainment for our favorite finance and IT friends. So we pulled together some things found across the web we think might pique your interest.

See below for a list of cool stuff we’ve come across recently. Some of this is about managing processes like reporting, analytics and planning, while some of it is for sheer entertainment. Take a look.

Reporting, Analytics & Planning

  • Zero-Based Budgeting - We think the approach is applicable to both business and our children's allowances. A win, win. 
  • Ever find yourself a bit lost when hearing about KPI's? Well here's a cool KPI infographic that is sure to clear things up. 
  • And once you get the hang of measuring your metrics, you can move beyond the facts here - trust us, turning KPI's into a story will help you see exactly where you are going.

 Great Thinking That Makes You Better

 Cool Tools

  • iDoneThis – An innovative way to manage workflow. We hope this will eliminate status updates and cut down our meeting times!
  • Spruce up Google Chrome with Momentum – worth it for the pictures alone.

 So Fun We Had To Share

  • Harold Rosenbaum Chartered Accountant Extreme on YouTube – Gotta love Ledger Lad
  • Requirements for software can be such hard work. Here is a shout out to our Product Managers! Remember to be nice to them if they call you. 
  • A little post Halloween treat for you. Looks like we all have been tricked this season. Yep. Guilty as charged.
  • Watch a conference call in real time. I dare anyone to deny their meetings are like this!



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