The first of a two-part series on upgrading your ERP; a time of great strife for many. What you are about to read has been heavily influenced by the most epic and noteworthy sci-fi saga of our time. Continue on Young Skywalker.

The Fear Before The Storm

When it comes to an ERP upgrade, many feel like the odds are against them from the very start. Even the most organized IT and finance teams can find it more difficult than bulls eyeing womp rats in a T-16.  From lost profits due to downtime, to feeling paralyzed fear_leads_to_angerwith inaccurate data, to extended ramp-up time for end-users and slowing productivity, there’s undoubtedly a lot at risk… Enough to have anyone feel like they have been Obi-Wan-Kanobied.

Unavoidable and challenging, upgrades are the natural evolution of any ERP system. And though it may seem there is no magic wand or mystical Force to ensure overnight success, there are some pretty simple and helpful steps to keep you in cloud city and out of the sarlacc pit.

Data, Data Everywhere

Data validation is by far one of the biggest upgrade concerns. Ensuring data accuracy as information moves from one system to the next is dicey and can result in errors. That’s right, dirty data everywhere! Not exactly an upgrade win. Such fear is exactly what Sinclair, one of our very own customers came to us concerned about.

Although Sinclair was ready to move from JDE EnterpriseOne XE to JDE v9.0, they had some fears about the upgrade process. Having used JDE for 10 years, Sinclair had a mammoth amount of historical data, spread over thousands of systems in various formats.

While not uncommon, this had potential for a post upgrade data reconciliation nightmare. Guaranteeing that data remained accurate as they transitioned from JDE EnterpriseOne Xe to JDE v9.0 was absolutely essential.

Mapping As Simple As 1, 2, 3

Sinclair’s IT team knew that limited visibility into their JD Edwards ERP during the upgrade process was the path to the dark side. It would lead to a lot of manual effort in spreadsheets and inaccurate data. Adam Pryke, IS Manager at Sinclair, involved with the upgrade, knew the importance of keeping system downtime shorter than Boba Fetts’ screen time, while mapping data between the two systems. Hubble’s ability to run reports between both versions of data sets in real-time put Sinclair at one with the path of light.

 “With Hubble, data mapping in v9.0 was an easy process, and data sources were easily able to be switched over to the new version of JDE.” -Pryke

Having a solution that could report off both versions of their ERP throughout the upgrade, while providing accurate reports in real-time, was like having the ability to hit a two-meter thermal exhaust port in a heavily guarded battle station. Pryke and his team also benefitted from Hubble’s out-of-the-box compatibility that automatically mapped and prepared data for the upgrade. The end result?

“Hubble helped us reduce system downtime during migration to only 4 hours in total.” - Pryke

Ensuring data integrity before, during, and after an upgrade is a fear that can be reconciled with. But it isn’t the only AT-AT walker on Hoth in the galaxy. Continue on to part two in our series to fully prepare for what’s in sight.

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