Planning Process Cost Calculator

Financial planning management has long been an evil and costly process. Plagued with endless spreadsheets, inconsistent information and planning cycles lasting nearly 100 days, I can’t think of any business process that is more painful. So, I created a way to help managers lead a change to this process—a planning and budgeting cost tool.

That’s right. As the Director of Planning Strategy here at Hubble, I took it upon myself to create a simple and useful Excel tool that will help you determine your costs related to budgeting and planning activities. Now you won’t have to waste time thinking about time wasted. Ponder that.

Here's me showing it in action - 



Here’s what it can do:

  • Calculate your annual budgeting and planning costs by answering a few easy questions
  • Determine how much time your organization spends on budgeting every year
  • Justify your planning and budgeting change process
  • Call it remarkable, reusable, revolutionary even (I won’t stop you)!

Download it now, try it out and let me know what you think. I appreciate feedback in any form (LinkedIn, Twitter, or snail mail) but if you really want to thrill me, a messenger bird will do. 


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