Remember back in those high school days when you did something in an effort to gain the attention of that special ‘someone’? Constantly wondering, “Do they like me? Do they want to spend time with me? Do we have anything in common?”

As the person responsible for Customer Programs on the Hubble team, I now tap into those emotions as we begin our journey down the path of customer advocacy and wonder, what is the best way to gain the attention of our customers?  And, what if the attention is not positive…how do we react?  Do they love us, or do they want to breakup?

In the past, we have relied on many different methods to accomplish this task. We've emailed them, called them, followed their actions on third-party rating platforms and more. All of which has given us a small sense of where they are at and what they think. Now it is time for us to truly understand them. In efforts to deepen this understanding, we have launched a relationship with Influitive, the Advocate Marketing Experts to help us navigate the ins and outs of dating in a B2B marketplace.  As this journey begins, my overall hope for this project for myself and for our company, is that we will better understand if our customers truly like us, if they want to spend more time with us and that ultimate question - do they feel we have common ground where we can connect & benefit from each other, so much so that they would refer us to another friend.

If you’re anything like me, dating can be fun, but I much prefer to skip past the trials of dating and get to a comfort level where you’re in a solid relationship.  One that not only provides the rewards of compatibility, but offers a much stronger bond which is the trust that you are there for each other and will continue to grow as the needs of that ‘special someone’ change and expand.  It’s that belief and foundation I want to grow and nurture with our customers; to let them know we are in it for the long haul.

So, stick around as I continue to post the progress of my relationship with our customers and how my ‘Dating Coach” Influitive helps me achieve what I hope is a lasting and rewarding relationship for both our customers and Hubble.

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