It’s been 2 months since we first started this new relationship with our customers with the aid of our expert dating coach, Influitive.  At the end of June, Hubble launched our Advocacy Platform, The Winner’s Circle to our customers.  Over 3,000 invitations were sent for this dating party.  Being that it was the beginning of summer, not everyone attended at first, but as the word got out more got on the bandwagon over the next few weeks. 

As with all new relationships, any personal ‘note’ sent by a customer was immediately pounced on with an enthusiastic response within 10 minutes.  Nope, we didn’t play the coy game; making our customer anxiously wait for our response with constant anticipation.   Right or wrong, we continued down this road, following this behavior feeling giddy with each new communication.  We found that some customers liked to be showered with attention while others preferred to silently date without much need for words. 

One of the cool features of this web based “dating” platform is that our customers can automatically redeem their points for ‘wish list’ rewards at their leisure. No need to ask permission of their special someone to make a purchase. So long as they have money in their budget they are good to go!

At this stage, I believe we’ve built that much needed foundation that any good relationship depends upon.  A comfortable expectation has started; customers expect to see and participate in new challenges on a weekly basis and we expect the number of advocates to continually climb.  The climbing part is a slow trickle, but it’s still progress all the same. 

Now the challenge for Hubble is to keep our customers engaged; hence we are learning the art of Going Steady, B2B style.

Our Influitive coach has provided us some advice on this front.  In an effort to increase advocacy engagement, focused concentration on specific goals was determined.  The “Try not to do too much at once” approach was adopted.  Oh, and stay relevant.  Don’t continually talk about ‘fencing’ for example if your date is not interested.  We opted to focus on an Olympic Theme, Hubble Referral Olympics, with the goal of winning GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE each providing a special reward.

The last part of Going Steady for Hubble has been to double-date and meet each other’s friends.  Translation:  We’ve brought in our Customer Success Managers to help engage with their customers who have joined The Winner’s Circle.  Sometimes it’s nice to talk to more than just one person; have creative banter back and forth with multiple people and witness the personalities of your special someone shine through.  That’s where we’ve gotten to so far.  We look forward to deepening our relationship with our existing advocates while attempting to attract more customers to jump into this dynamic relationship with us.  Look for our next blog on how our relationships have grown (or not grown).  Stay tuned!

If you want to read the progress of our relationship over time then you can do so here and here!

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