From our humble beginnings back in the early 2000’s, our goal has always been to enhance our customers' experience by increasing the value of their ERP. Today we are doing just that but in a very big way – we’re expanding. That is right, our beloved Hubble product will be taking on a new sidekick, Antivia. Here’s the scoop, just for you.

Known for their business intelligence (BI) capabilities and creator of the dashboard and information application solution, DecisionPoint™, Antivia brings quite a bit to the table. Though nothing will be changing overnight, customers will begin to experience the benefit of this acquisition by way of advantageous platform updates. What can you expect? An enriched analytics experience with improved usability. We’ll also be ramping up our mobile abilities, making it easier than ever for you to access information from wherever you are. Sound great? Just wait, there’s more…

Image of Antivia's DecisionPoint software for SAP 

By adding another cook to our kitchen we also will be feeding a lot more mouths – SAP mouths to be exact. As you may know, we have long focused on the Oracle JD Edwards and E-Business Suite ecosystems. Our decision to attentively cater to those specific markets has been a part of our strategy since day one. And, we like to think our customers thank us for it. However, we have been feeling a bit too exclusive within our space. We’ve even gotten a little bit of heat for it. Our response? Hold that heat because we’re ready to branch out!

With this acquisition, we can now provide our same dedication to customer success and expertise over to the world of SAP. Current Hubble customers utilizing SAP can immediately benefit from DecisionPoint. Compared to other BI products, Antivia’s DecisionPoint allows customers to easily use and share information even when they’re on the go. A shorter time to value alongside an effortless mobile experience? A win-win indeed.

With Antivia joining the insightsoftware.com family, we foresee a very, very bright future for our current and potential customers as well as our partners. Stay tuned, we’re only getting started.

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