None of us make good decisions at 5 AM. Seriously. So, when Fike Corporation's Financial Analyst was generating reports at 5:00 AM every morning (and using Excel on top of it), Seth Parker knew they could do much better. And they did. And they are. And, in Parker's words, it's awesome.

Watch now to hear exactly how Seth Parker and his entire organization continue to benefit from Hubble Analytics. A few things he'll be covering, include:

  • What business problems has Hubble solved?
    Hint - Fike transitioned from an excel centric reporting process to effortless automation.
  • How Fike's sales team wins with Hubble.
    Hint - Analytics has become a game-changing go-to for these guys.
  • The amount of time savings they've experienced post implementation.
    Hint - Big processes like their annual audit and financial consolidation took significant cuts.
  • How Hubble Analytics helped increase Fike's company-wide performance.
    Hint - Their employees now have the time and resources to focus on improving results, rather than spending all of their time gathering data. 

Follow Fike's lead and take advanatage of Hubble Analytics and Reporting to take your daily business operations to the next level.

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