“Corporate Performance Management is great but it’s a trailing indicator. It’s stuff like this that’s on the front edge: Visibility into turn-over, visibility into time collection process, visibility into receivables or billing issues…all these things ultimately affect corporate profit. If all you’re doing is looking at the P&L it’s too damn late.”

As the SVP of the IT department, Anthony Lackey was responsible for thinking big. Lackey was determined to take a holistic approach in his search for a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution. His goal was to find a performance management software that his entire team would use easily while providing managers with the ability to see current business standing at any given time.  

Lackey needed to implement a solution that would provide him and his team with the ability to stimulate productivity while simultaneously controlling costs in real-time. Not an easy feat. With compliance being a key issue of concern for Lackey, he knew having complete visibility and flexibility were must-haves. The goal? A complete solution, providing a 360 degree view of the business, multi-data sourcing capability, and an easy to use interface for anyone in the organization to use.

Life before Hubble: ISS has to clean up its act

At ISS, this failure to visualize their business operations was costing the company unnecessary amounts of money and, more importantly, time. With over 16,000 employees based in the US, 70% of the company’s overhead was tied to labor. Managing such labor had been unfortunately left to inconsistent, error-prone spreadsheets and overworked analysts—not exactly a solid foundation for consistent success.

As Lackey explains, a single, honest mistake during reporting in their industry could mean the difference between a branch making large profits one month and not making any the next. The hours his team, and management, spent gathering Excel reports every month could only show what had gone wrong six to seven weeks ago.

With such a large company with so many moving parts, looking back couldn't help. Lackey had to find a way to see their business in real-time.



Introducing Hubble to management

As SVP, Lackey had to make sure Hubble made a good impression on upper management. He had worked with the solution before and knew the value it could provide for their company, but knowing and convincing are two different things, aren't they?

Thankfully in this case, it only took one look at Hubble's performance management platform for upper management to get on board. With ePay integration, the ISS team was elated to finally experience a streamlined and comprehnsive view of all of their performance metrics. Such visibility had never been feasible before. 

One of ISS' senior executives put it plainly:

"This is the best tool I've seen for operations in 30 years."

Life after Hubble: From "too damn late" to "right on time"

That senior executive was right. Hubble created organization from chaos for ISS.

Since they started using Hubble, ISS has:

  • Empowered management to measure and monitor performance, in real-time, and react to it proactively
  • Created a system where all departments can view, analyze, and adjust their work right in the moment
  • Added 180 users from multiple branches into the analytics tool, all of whom are utilizing the Hubble Analytics dashboard

And that's just the start. Since they added Hubble, Lackey has seen:

  • Compliance scores improve by 25 percent, with predictions that those scores will be unparalleled in the industry by the end of the year
  • Reduce Payroll prep time by 50 percent, with plans to cut that time by another 50 percent by the end of the year

Thanks to Hubble, ISS' front-line managers can put their focus back where it belongs—from stale reporting to helping employees and customers directly. Senior management now has the tools needed in order to answer the specific business questions that are vital to success, and it only requires a few clicks in an easy-to-use system. This modern approach to performance management has given Lackey and his team the ability to look forward and seize growth opportunities instead of solely viewing past, and quite frankly outdated, performance data. Something even they have been surprised by.

In his own opinion, Lackey calls Hubble a trendsetter, above and beyond all other performance management options.

"It's stuff like this that's on the front edge," Lackey says.

With visibility into turnover, time collection processes, receivables, and billing issues, Lackey is able to help management fix business issues before they impact profit. Instead of watching the P&L, ISS is fixing issues as they happen.

Lackey thought big in his position as SVP of IT. And because of that, ISS isn't "too damn late" any more. Now, they're always "right on time."


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