Gartner Research: Empowering Finance With Advanced Performance Management

The future of performance management emphasizes the importance of enterprise information integration. This approach allows senior level leadership to focus solely on the growth of the organization instead of past performance.

Gartner projects that by YE18, 40% of organizations will build end-to-end processes linking financial and strategic CPM to financial ERP processes (as well as human resources, supply chain management and CRM) due to technology maturity.

Forward-thinking leaders such as ISS, have experienced major organizational gains in business visibility and strategic planning from adopting a fully integrated performance management approach. In this reading we will elaborate on the methodology of this approach, the solution requirements for adoption and the promising results leaders like you can experience.

Noteworthy attributes from ISS’s successful adoption:

  • Improved understanding and optimization of the state of operations by linking JD Edwards to EPAY information
  • Empowered end-users that now have the ability to leverage real-time analytical insights with easy-to-consume mobile dashboards
  • Acquired competitive advantage and improved bottom line as a result of complete 360-degree view of operations at all times

 Download full reading of Gartner research accompanied by applied business case study – completely complimentary and supplied for your own organizational benefit.



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