A recent article in the Dallas News shared that one of the biggest challenges for home builders is a lack of labor. "In our estimation, it is 18,000 to 20,000" workers needed in the area, said Phil Crone, head of the Dallas Builders Association.

While business performance solutions aren't typically used for recruiting, they can help home builders and other organizations leverage data to better manage existing employees and plan their labor needs.

Managing existing employees effectively can impact retention and in a tight labor market, you want to keep every good employee you can. This starts with ensuring that HR and project managers have ready access to employee information that is stored in their ERP systems like sick leave and vacation time in addition to certifications and other training that builds employee value (and recognition). Capturing this in your ERP allows one to leverage solutions like Hubble to alert you when it’s time to renew licenses and certifications. Applying this concept within the organization is undeniably beneficial to the employees as well. 

By utilizing information for the employee's benefit, you will not only help them reach their own development goals but improve your overall employee satisfaction. In return, your retention will experience positive impact. A win-win.

Another valuable way to leverage business performance management solutions is for planning and this is especially important when resources are scarce. Can you put your hand on your heart and swear that you don’t have a single person just sitting around waiting for a project that needs them?

Using a robust planning solution allows you to capture anticipated needs and to craft “what if” scenarios so you can stay on top of your budget. A shortage of labor often leads to high rates – what will your job status inquiry and profitability look like if that happens? Or perhaps that shortage of resource means you have to share one specialist across multiple jobs, has that effectively been captured in your planning?

Solutions like Hubble are here to help in the good times and the challenging times. Whether your industry is facing labor shortages or market decline, remember that performance management suites (like Hubble) are here to help you get more from what you do have.

Request a Hubble demo to learn more about how we can help you leverage the data you have to improve efficiency and overall business results. 

Reference: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/real-estate/2017/06/26/end-sight-homebuildings-labor-shortage

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