Manufacturers, like other traditional industries, are facing major challenges according to a recent article in Industry Week. With already overburdened IT departments and, in some cases, a lack of technical skills in their workforces, many manufacturers are wondering how they compete in the digital economy. The Industry Week article shares the three steps for organizations to do that are looking to create a successful data-driven transformation and we couldn’t agree more! Here's our take.

Quick wins

The first step is to find quick wins. This is why many of our most astute customers have selected Hubble. They know that with an installation and implementation that starts and finishes in hours, rather than weeks or months, they can be benefiting faster.

These same companies will often have very specific, tactical projects that they would use in a first success program so that they can show quick results to management and benefit immediately.

Company-wide transformations

The second step identified in the article is to design a companywide transformation.

While we love some great quick wins, the most successful Hubble companies combine implementation with a well thought-out plan. As Hubble can provide insights over the entire ERP and other critical business systems, the plan should outline the short-term and long-term expectations and strategy.

Ongoing commitment

The final step, organizing for sustained performance, is all about demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the digital transformation. Having the tools isn’t enough. Organizations must have change management, training and ongoing validation of Hubble and other similar tools in order to see truly valuable, long-term results.

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Reference: http://beta.industryweek.com/technology/three-steps-manufacturers-begin-their-digital-transformation?utm_test=redirect&utm_referrer=https://www.google.co.uk/

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