JD Edwards plays a vital role in your company’s success. It’s the hub of a large amount of real-time transactional data.  But, it’s difficult to use. It’s not particularly user-friendly. And yet, it holds the keys to your organization’s success if leveraged intelligently and efficiently.

Why should you care about the impact of JD Edwards ERP?

Your JD Edwards ERP is fantastic at recording thousands of data entries and transactions across your organization in real time. But JD Edwards is unwieldy and difficult to use. It doesn’t produce easy-to-understand visuals effectively.  You don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but you need a complementary solution that is rooted in what your ERP does best, with the ease, visuals and speed of a comprehensive performance management solution.  Whether you are the head of Finance, IT, HR, or Operations, you want to make informed strategic decisions based on accurate data.  You want to be able to get the info you need, when you need it.  You don’t want to be bogged down in a labor-intensive process of extrapolating data. You need an integrated JD Edwards reporting solution that can help you translate raw numbers into better performance – for yourself and for your company. 

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Imagine the following scenarios:

  • As a Finance professional, you are stuck in never-ending reporting cycles, without an opportunity to properly forecast and guide the company on strategic objectives. You need a solution that allows you to quickly share reports via web-based dashboards that track financial performance and progress against company-wide KPIs. You want drill-down ability into large data sets to identify problems. You require automation of mundane tasks to reduce error and remain compliant. You seek a “single source of truth” from all company departments, rather than siloed data across your organization. You are exhausted from Excel version control.
  • As a key member of the IT team, your bandwidth is at maximum capacity. You can’t be relegated to pulling data from the ERP for each and every department. You seek to implement self-service options for your company, so you can focus on other key IT initiatives. You want to avoid over-investing in outdated ERP tools. You want the C-suite to be impressed with rich, easy-to-interpret visuals on company performance.
  • As the head of Operations, supply chain and workforce management through Excel has really got you down. You need real-time visibility into labor costs, margins, site efficiency and compliance alerts. The last thing you need is to find out about a problem after it’s too late to correct it. Immediate visibility into workforce management and compliance tracking will keep you on point for profitability and compliance goals. Mobile access to dashboards will keep you informed on-site.
  • You are a human resources pro who is trying to get a handle on hiring and turnover, but can’t access current employee data without asking for help from IT. You want to be able to make quick, strategic hires and provide transparency across departments. You want to stay a step ahead of the competition, because they are also trying to hire the best in the industry.

In this handy success kit, you’ll find a variety of resources that will help you get the most out of your JD Edwards Solution. Customer case studies, eBook tutorials, and analyst reports are just a few of the tools you’ll find to help your organization move beyond simple number crunching into better reporting, analytics, and planning. 

You will learn:

  • How to effortlessly upgrade your ERP without headaches, expenses, or downtime
  • How to create real-time reporting for JD Edwards, without relying heavily on IT
  • How complete ERP analytics & dashboards can connect key performance indicators (KPIs) to real-time data and inform better business decisions
  • How a major logistics company moved information throughout the business to enable confident, strategic decisions
  • 5 Steps for Modern Planning with JD Edwards
  • Comparative dashboards for JD Edwards that go beyond business intelligence

Is your organization performing at its highest capacity with JD Edwards? Be sure to download this success kit to get started on transforming your company.



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