Committing to the right ERP is a huge decision, and many businesses find themselves reviewing the past to forecast the future. Unfortunately, data changes so quickly that once it’s pulled for analysis, it’s probably no longer relevant. Planning for the future is very challenging if you can’t trust the accuracy of your data today.

 IDC Technologies addresses this ERP challenge in their October 2017 report on The Role of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solutions in Supporting an Organization's Decision Making. In this report, Hubble by insightsoftware.com received accolades for offering a solution to the “learning-action” gap that exists within many ERP systems.

 As IDC explains, “Organizations have become very efficient at capturing data. However, they are much less efficient at organizing, analyzing, extracting and delivering actionable information from data stores to enhance their employees' decision making abilities.”

 Hubble provides innovative solutions for such a gap, and this IDC research report confirms what is continuously important to ERP customers: the need for tools that nurture more effective organizational decision making.

 Recognizing the Current Problems with ERP Systems

 IDC Technologies is a premier technology services organization that focuses primarily on IT. Its October 2017 report examines today's requirements for a comprehensive and modern EPM solution that is easy to use and provides real-time insight into the state of the business.

 IDC addresses the shortcomings of systems that do not offer real-time information for making important business decisions, which can result in poor strategic choices and costly consequences.

 The report states that “Market research suggests that a large amount of data remains ‘under the mattress’ or dormant, thus falling short of its full potential in generating new value. Research also suggests that the analytics available to the decision maker are often based on stale and irrelevant data. Decisions made on such data are therefore ineffective and potentially harmful to the business.”

 “It is possible to close the learning-action gap and provide enterprise performance management software that supports all steps in the decision-making process, not just information presentation.”

What the report argues is that software services typically offer tracking, analyzing and delivery capabilities, but they do not complete the cycle by offering the ability to hypothesize, model, decide and act, which is the most important part of the decision-making process for businesses.

 IDC further explains that businesses rely on information so they can move forward with confident decisions and Hubble provides the opportunity to help make this happen.


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 Hubble is the Solution

 By directly integrating with JD Edwards and Oracle EBS ERP systems, Hubble reveals opportunities and lessens risk in decision-making strategies. IDC cites these main benefits of Hubble:

  •  Ease of use
  • Real-time connectivity to the ERP
  • Collaborative and contextual user functionality
  • Drill-down capabilities
  • Connectivity to other sources
  • Speed of deployment


The bottom line: Hubble’s EPM solution benefits organizational decision making.


“Unlike traditional business intelligence tools and limited enterprise performance management solutions, Hubble allows users not only to understand and manage their information, but also to take actions based on its analysis.”


What Can Hubble Do for You?

 Based on current rankings from a 2017 Nucleus Research report, which supports IDC’s study, Hubble’s integration tools are user friendly and functional according to customer insights Hubble is a reliable solution that helps your organization make decisions based on real-time, reliable data. It lets you: 

  • Eliminate the disconnect between technical users and decision makers
  • Support collaboration
  • Customize reports and analytics
  • Track decisions and capture best practices


 Want to learn what Hubble can do for your business? Contact us for a free demo and get started on your path to even greater success.



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