For finance teams looking to implement new solutions that streamline their financial processes, product reviews alone might not be enough to make a selection. But being able to leverage research data that’s been verified by the industry association that has had a solid reputation as a trusted resource in accounting regulatory and professional services for 110 years – now that adds clout to the decision!


Nucleus Research: Purpose and Overview


Nucleus Research is the only technology research firm that is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), which is dedicated to serving the 55 state boards of accountancy across the United States. The NASBA helps regulate the accounting profession in areas such as promoting and regulating the CPA exam.


Nucleus Research recently published its CPM Technology Value Matrix, and Hubble by insightsoftware.com ranked as one of the top Facilitators with the highest usability ranking, as well as was projected to continue increasing functionality and usability based on market trends.


For its matrix, financial users were interviewed on their experiences with various software solutions.  Vendors were evaluated on both usability and functionality – the key drivers of value – and placed into four categories: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators and Core Providers. By interviewing users and offering a Value Matrix, Nucleus’ findings offer customers an acceptable vendor short list that can better service their needs. 


In this matrix, Hubble is listed as a top Facilitator, ranked highest in usability, and is projected to maintain sustainable growth. These findings further support previous Nucleus research that found Hubble had a high adoption rate compared to other vendors.


The September 2017 report explains, “The low total cost of ownership (TCO) resulting from the cloud-based technology available on premise, combined with the increased speed and accuracy, help deliver value to customers that had struggled before their Hubble implementation.”


Simply put – usability and functionality results are both a priority based on customer insights.


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 Usability and Support are Key


Nucleus’ analysis explains that Hubble is successful with users because of the following capabilities:


  • Cloud compatibility
  • Individual customization
  • Increased integration across spaces and applications
  • Increased speed
  • Cleaner, more accurate data


The report states, “Hubble customers praised the high usability of the product and excellent customer support. Users also commented that the reporting visualizations were appealing, and that the user interface was overall a good experience. Lastly, the product requires very little IT support and works well for smaller companies that want to limit internal expenses with a lightweight cloud product.”


The report further explains that Hubble has been able to build a happy user base, and “Nucleus expects it to maintain high user satisfaction as it grows. Nucleus sees the product keeping pace with the market in terms of functionality and its investments in product improvements.”


In 2017, Nucleus also named Hubble by insightware.com as one of its “hot vendors of the year.”


Professionals in accounting and finance have enough on their plates without having to request IT help, manage a pile of spreadsheets and explain the numbers to those in other departments. Hubble has been able to provide real-time information that integrates directly with JD Edwards and Oracle EBS ERP systems so organizations can obtain more reliable data while also saving time. That’s why Hubble is the next generation of business performance management.




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