It’s time to revisit our One System for Everyone series and discuss part two – the importance of driving user adoption in your organization. This means empowering your employees and developing a customer-obsessed mentality that promotes high-performance throughout the whole organization.

When purchasing a solution for reporting, planning or analytics, these seven essential elements should be your guideline to ensure you drive user adoption after implementation. You can download the full Ebook here!

  • User experience
    Great design should be the first consideration for enterprise software. In the context of information systems, this means giving every single knowledge worker in the enterprise an experience they’ll love. 
  • Data visualization
    Using simple but dynamic shapes to illustrate information enables everyone in the business to quickly grasp what is being communicated, without having to spend a disproportionate amount of time decoding its meaning. These shapes could be illustrations of products, countries or customers—anything that immediately communicates context for the data. 
  • Mashboards 
    Mashboards, just like their dashboard predecessors, are able to show multiple views of information on a single screen, but are more dynamic and transformative in nature. 
  • Collaboration 
    Collaboration capabilities enhance your data, allowing the conversation to occur within the information system itself, resulting in extraordinary benefits. The information from systems is given context by the knowledge from the discussions—you get to codify the knowledge of the mind. The result is a far richer information experience and a better decision-making environment. 
  • Search 
    Users become frustrated when they can’t find the information they need, and they seek alternate ways to address those needs. Search enables users to rely on a system that quickly and consistently enables them to find what they are looking for in a frictionless way. 
  • Workflow 
    The job of next generation Business Performance Management software is to stop the perpetuation of the information overload scenario. Incorporating workflow capabilities achieves that and delivers on the original goal of providing the right information, to the right person at the right time. 
  • Alerts 
    As an information user, you want the issue to be exposed to you, rather than taking the time to go searching for discrepancies in data. Being able to follow events this way and be notified in real-time is just so much more productive.

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