ASRA Housing Group is a not-for-profit organization that provides residents with affordable housing all throughout the UK.  Serving a diverse range of communities, ASRA manages over 14,000 properties but strives to be the first choice provider for potential residents.  With over 30 years of experience, they are committed to finding residents homes, not housing. 

Sometimes standard is just… standard

With the demand for social housing increasing year over year, ASRA knew they needed to do some internal house cleaning in order to meet business needs and keep residents coming back.  Having used Oracle 11i for five years, they were finding that their reporting methodologies were dated and daunting.  In fact, their procedures were so difficult that they were struggling to provide information necessary to tenants, landlords and the business itself.  A frustrating situation for many but most frustrating for ASRA’s Head of Financial Systems, Balwant Basran.



When the business could not access the information they needed, they ended up looking to Basran to help solve that problem.  Basran found himself spending his time creating inflexible reports with Oracle’s FSG and Discoverer.  With all his time spent just trying to figure out what the business was doing, Basran had no time left to actually guide the business.  In efforts to fix this issue, the business decided to make some changes.  Assuming the standard Oracle reporting capabilities would be better in the upgraded version, they upgraded to R12.  Unfortunately the upgrade did not decrease the turnaround time on reporting and the business was wondering why they made the move at all.  With the business discouraged, Basran took matters into his own hands. 

“I wanted to find an intuitive reporting tool that would allow all users of all abilities to answer their own questions and harness their own knowledge without having to rely on me. As the company expanded and the need for on-the-fly information increased I knew that something had to change and what better time to do it than the R12 migration.” - Basran

Empowering the finance team overnight

Having heard of Hubble from various UKOUG user groups, Basran decided to request a demo so he and his team could see the capabilities first hand.  They were floored.  Unlike other ERP reporting solutions, Hubble runs over Oracle data in real-time so Basran and his team could see insights in seconds.  Completely impressed, the accounting and finance teams were ready to simplify to one reporting solution.  In fact, they couldn’t believe they had ever used anything else.  Within a day they completed installation.  Within two days, their users were trained, creating reports and running inquires. 

End users are now able to answer their own questions without calling on Finance, and management receives fast turnaround on critical reports.  Just like that, the whole business was benefitting all the way up to the board level.  And as for Basran, he could finally get back to managing the business with confidence. 

“When you move away from FSGs and Discoverer you can’t remember how you ever coped. We used to have 50 key reports with countless iterations that were costly and time consuming to build and maintain and rarely used by the business. With Hubble the power is placed in the hands of the users and I can rest easy in the knowledge that the business will continue to run when I’m out of the office." - Basran

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