Because driving high performance is a constant and evolving process, we thought it’d be fun to come up with some current leadership best practices for High Performance Organizations (HPOs) to help companies like you test the pulse of your progress. We’ve outlined the key organizational characteristics of an HPO as defined by Gartner, but how do you help your company achieve these goals?

  1. Embrace FPM
    Part of being able to make smart business decisions is having actionable, real-time information from across the company. Not just data and old reports. High performance is about speed, but not at the cost of integrity and relevance. FPM brings a world-class performance edge to your critical business systems.
  2. Make culture a priority
    Find and create a shared value system for your company. High performing companies have cultures where people actually want to be there on Monday morning. These are places where people can achieve personal goals, share their ideas and feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves.
  3. Always evolve your skills
    Look outside of finance and technology. How can you improve your ability to advise other business units? Hone those strategic skills to lead better and show how foresight can guide a company.
  4. Integrate everything
    With more and more data being collected from people and things it’s important to find common ground and integrate your data. This feels easier said than done with the technologies businesses have today. But look for a platform that allows you to easily do this - without all the pitfalls of traditional BI solutions.

Transforming a company into a high performing organization is crucial in today's modern, fast-moving workplace. CFOs and CIOs are being asked to take on more responsibilities than ever before.

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