Zuffa is the parent entity of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Founded in January 2001 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Zuffa is universally credited for turning the UFC into a multi-million dollar enterprise with millions of international viewers.

Eliminating data discrepancies

In Italian, the word “zuffa” translates to “brawl.” But when it came to the hoops their business had to jump through to report on, plan, and analyze information, a “brawl” was an understatement.

Zuffa transitioned from Microsoft Dynamics GP to JD Edwards in 2005. However, they had never done a full budget anywhere but in Excel. In fact, Zuffa managed just about every aspect of their business in unbelievably complex spreadsheets—the mere space allocation needed for this alone was enormous. For instance, every detail of their fights, like venue, city, state, country and provider information—everything—was being maintained in Excel and owned by different departments.

As a result, redundancies and discrepancies were everywhere. It was not uncommon for a C-level executive to ask a question and receive three different answers. There was no integration between what was done in Excel and what was entered into their ERP.  Danny Bazan, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), knew his team just couldn’t go on like this. When it came to driving efficiencies and business performance, they were just about ready to throw in the towel.

The Benefits of ERP integration

Bazan saw a demo of the Hubble planning and analytics applications and immediately saw the positive impact that it could have on their business. Already using the Hubble reporting application, Bazan knew that integrating with the ERP was the trick to maintaining real-time information.

Together, they got to work on moving all the data that existed in their spreadsheets into one repository they could access in real-time. Within seven weeks, they had created 29 individual tables that housed information distilled from their spreadsheets.

Hubble helps plan for popular fights

Hubble allows Zuffa to easily see all of the information they collect from their fights, and run analysis to see which ones were the most profitable and why. This real-time information helps drive better business decisions. If one fight did really well in California, they would look into replicating that success in Las Vegas.

“The best part for our team was that, although we were able to get users off spreadsheets, we can still use Excel for modeling with Hubble—which was key for our productivity.” – Danny Bazan, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

With Hubble’s analytics functionality, they can use their data to generate live visuals for their users. Zuffa found this especially useful for their C-level executives. After just three weeks of implementation and design, they could simply go into Hubble themselves and see live metrics, dashboards, and scorecards. They defined all their most important KPIs, and are able to view them at their leisure, and investigate detailed information on their own.

Started from the bottom to the top

Before Zuffa found Hubble, they were all drowning in a world of Excel. In a matter of seven weeks, Hubble enabled them to become a high performing organization and propels their whole business forward.

“As a company that prides itself on high performance, we knew we couldn’t come out on top using spreadsheets. Hubble’s approach to performance management is transformational.” –Danny Bazan, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

Zuffa chose Hubble because it offered more than just a tactical reporting tool. They knew they had to reengineer their processes in order to achieve greater profitability as a company. With so many people married to spreadsheets, it wasn’t an easy feat to move their people to a new way of doing things, but Hubble made the transition seamless. Now everyone is getting real-time information that guides their business at colossal speeds. Zuffa is able to address low and high margin initiatives that drive the business forward.

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