Since the 1950s, Chromalloy has served as a pioneer in the global technology industry. As one of the first to repair gas turbine engine components, they have long been dedicated to delivering innovative solutions.  As a partner to commercial airlines, the military and power companies, Chromalloy’s solutions not only make sense, but make their customers cents. 

Frustration fuels change in financial functions

With operations in 17 countries around the world, over 3,000 employees and $1B in annual revenue, there is no doubt that Chromalloy scales a pretty complex business operation.  Despite such outstanding operating achievements, Chromalloy’s own internal teams were unknowingly operating inefficiently.  It wasn’t until Chromalloy’s internal accountant, Mike Sycamore came on board that opportunities for improvement became visible.  As part of the finance team, Sycamore was vehemently dedicated to delivering results without losing a dollar.  He quickly found opportunities for improvement in the ways in which his team was managing the business and began to make a case for change. 

As a primary user of Oracle Financials, Sycamore’s team was accustomed to exporting data from Oracle and then utilizing Microsoft Excel to re-work and manipulate the numbers as they needed them.  Sycamore became perplexed by such a process stating, “It was extremely frustrating and took days to do it properly. What’s the point in providing information that is days old?” 

And he was right. Though this same process is widely accepted by many businesses, there exists a multitude of inefficiencies within it. First being the amount of time required to gather the data was just too long. Then, by the time the data was played with enough to make sense, it was dated and irrelevant – providing little use or insights for management.  

Real-time streamlined.  It just makes cents.

Knowing there had to be a better solution, Sycamore set his eyes on Hubble. As a fully-integrated solution, Hubble was guaranteed to deliver against Sycamore’s high expectations. By connecting all their data around their ERP, the Chromalloy finance team was able to do away with exporting out of Oracle and into Excel. In fact, they found that Hubble allowed them to manage their financial needs right within the solution itself, thus solving any financial reporting nuances they had previously been putting up with. 

With the implementation of Hubble, Chromalloy was able to form self-sufficient users who could build reports independently and within minutes. No more reliance on IT for gathering data and more time spent actually analyzing the numbers they needed.

“Hubble saves us a substantial amount of time since we can now see the information right away rather than spending days wrestling with the data to turn it into usable information,” Sycamore said.

But time wasn’t the only thing saved by Hubble. With increased visibility to the business financials, Hubble gave department leaders the insight they needed to make fully informed decisions, faster. And in today’s world where time is money, Hubble puts pennies on the dollar. 

In his own words, Sycamore expresses their success stating, “Hubble gives us higher quality information, far better details and the ability to make better business decisions. Giving the department heads information proactively has driven collaborative financial management that directly impacts our bottom line.” 

All the information, in one place and accessible by all. Now that, just makes sense.


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