Dedicated to protect and improve global human health, NSF International develops public health standards and certifications that protect food, water, consumer products, and the environment. They are the face behind the certification marks we see on the consumer products we buy.  As an independent global organization, they have been setting the standards for manufacturers since 1944. 

Doing more in less time

Like any not-for-profit organization, NSF International holds many responsibilities and is always exploring ways to do more with less. In doing so, they unintentionally had created some internal conflict around workflow. Constant ad hoc inquiries on top of day-long reporting were really disrupting productivity for employees in their accounting team like, Senior Finance Director, Eli Salembier. They were even more put back by the quality of information they were reporting. Dedicated to setting high standards, they couldn’t afford not knowing all the information. When it came to the numbers, their finance team felt that things just weren’t adding up. They wanted to be able to see detailed data behind the numbers so they could quickly respond to the big-picture questions coming from management. However, the financial reporting system they were using prevented them from doing anything fast, easy or in detail.

As users of Oracle Financials, they found themselves doing more of the data manipulation than the solution itself. By having to extract the data from Oracle and then input it in Excel to manipulate, they were often spending many days on month-end reporting.  In efforts to find an efficient solution, NSF International implemented Hubble. Compatible with their Oracle ERP, Hubble quickly became a favored solution, and cut down reporting time right away. 

“Our month-end variance analysis used to take two people one full day, and now it takes one person half a day,” said Salembier, the Senior Director of Finance at NSF.

Hubble: The answer to efficiency

With the flexibility of Hubble, Salembier’s team found that they could slice and dice financial information, create reports and analyze the results right within the solution itself.  By utilizing specific features of the solution, they could easily identify any budget issues immediately, saving time and money.

“Hubble cuts the time we spend on variance down by 75%,” says Salembier.

“I have a report in the GL that automatically makes the cell red if the amount is 10K, and 10% off budget, so that way I can easily spot an issue. Now I don’t have to examine every line on a report,” said Salembier, Finance Director at NSF.

Aside from giving Salembier and his team more time back in their day, Hubble also provided them with the details they needed.  Prior to the implementation, they felt unable to adequately assist in making informed business decisions.  However, with Hubble, all the numbers are right at their fingertips whenever they need them, something Salembier himself values greatly.  “Hubble is really agile and easy to use. By simply double-clicking, I can grab the info I need and get back out. This cuts my response time to ad hoc requests from hours to minutes.” 

Finally, NSF found a way to be truly effective in their financial operations, and their reporting became as trustworthy as the consumer products they certify.

Now it's your turn! Follow NSF's lead and improve the efficiency of your month-end close process with Hubble. 

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