When it comes to the global fresh produce sector, not everything is just peachy. Ensuring each piece is labeled and ready for sale can be a tedious and timely task. A "can do" company, Sinclair provides customers with an unmatched combination of fruit-labeling equipment, labels and service. Remaining the sole reliable source of this equipment for their customers is just one way they strive to bring them value. In return, everything seems a little sweeter.

The worries that came from upgrading JDE

Currently operating in 35 countries worldwide, Sinclair is hustling and bustling in the produce business. Founder of automatic fruit labeling systems, their machines are built for high performance. Accustomed to eliminating inefficiencies in their products and services, Sinclair also has equal expectations of their internal operations.  So, when they began planning for their JDE upgrade, they had high hopes of a smooth move.

Having used JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Xe for ten years, Sinclair had a lot going on in too many places when it came to their data. Kind of like an overgrown orchard, Sinclair had stored their complex data in various currencies and formats all across their various business units. It's not uncommon for many companies, but it wasn't ideal for data reconciliation post-upgrade.

Where there is hope, there is Hubble

Proving data had been successfully converted was one of Sinclair’s biggest upgrade concerns when they were ready to transition. Guaranteeing that all data remained accurate from JDE EnterpriseOne Xe to JDE v9.0 was essential. To do so, they were in need of a simple solution that could work between both JDE versions seamlessly. Luckily for Sinclair, the reporting solution they had been using for several years could do just that. Not only was Hubble compatible with both JDE EnterpriseOne Xe and JDE v9.0, it also offered built-in data integrity functions.

“It was really important that we chose a reporting tool that didn’t have a multi stage process or required intermediate processes. We needed a tool that had live and direct access to data in both EnterpriseOne Xe to v9.0 and could run comparison reports between the two sets of data.” - Adam Pryke, IS Manager, Sinclair International

Data integrity is just one way Hubble helps

Such capability allowed for Sinclair to easily detect discrepancies in their data right away. It was truly a time and money saver. By using the pre upgrade and post data conversion integrity functionality of Hubble, Sinclair was able to prove to the auditors that the numbers in the new system matched the numbers in the old one. This would have been undoubtedly impossible without a solution that could run the same report against different versions of JD Edwards. 

Though ensuring data integrity was of great concern to Sinclair, they also were uneasy about the duration of the project. Not wanting to shut things down for any longer than what they needed, they had assigned an aggressive timeline for completion. Hubble had no hiccups with this. The out-of-the-box compatibility automatically mapped out the data and prepared it for the upgrade, making for a simple and speedy transition. With just four hours of company downtime, Sinclair and their teams were back in business.

“With Hubble, taking care of the data mapping in v9.0 was an easy process and data sources were easily able to be switched over to the new version of JDE. This meant that we could quickly run pre and post data conversion integrity reports when we needed them. Hubble helped us reduce system downtime during migration to only four hours in total.”  - Pryke

Fast, dependable, and efficient. Hubble was able to keep Sinclair going even through the transition. The company built on getting things done for the sake of their customer’s satisfaction found that with Hubble, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Get a demo of Hubble to learn more about how you can become a high-performance organization.  

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