New Zealand-based rubber band manufacturer, Skellerup is one of the largest manufacturers of dairy and industrial rubberware in the world. They employ over 800 people in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, USA, Italy and China. Whether footwear, industrial rubber or dairy products, Skellerup products are reliable, produced with the highest quality and undeniable flexible.

When growth comes knocking, get ready

Their ever-loyal and ever-expanding customer base has always brought good things to their business. But when it came to their business management processes, Skellerup found themselves in the field with the cows. Not exactly at ease with the way things were running, they decided they were due for some business management upgrades.

First of these was to upgrade their ERP in order to increase productivity, centralize operations into one unified system and gain a better visibility into their business operations. Installing JD Edwards solved nearly all of these issues for Skellerup. JD Edwards’ excellent organizational structure allowed Skellerup to input and store data in one place. However, when it came to data visibility, the system was anything but flexible.

Skellerup milks JDE Upgrade but runs dry

Achieving inventory knowledge was an essential piece of managing the overall business for Skellerup's supply chain and finance teams. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a fix in JD Edwards that allowed easy information extraction, let alone the ability to analyze anything. The finance team wanted an easy-to-use system that provided clean reports. They also hoped to provide users with rapid access to cross module visibility, enabling a more intimate view of the entire business.

“The finance team did not have time for data dumps and massive report configurations,” - Jo Weenink, Financial Accountant, Skellerup

Unable to stretch the JD Edwards system capabilities in the way that they needed, Skellerup went on to find something with a bit more flex.

Here to help: Hubble brings it back

JD Edwards provided Skellerup with great functionality for creating and storing their transaction data. Such tasks are typically completed by their functional departments: sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, forecasting, etc. Hubble, in conjunction with JD Edwards, allowed Skellerup to intersect data from different modules quickly and in real-time; yielding significant information and better decision-making.

For example, warehouse, purchasing, sales and inventory key performance indicators have been developed in Hubble, and these are monitored daily, weekly and monthly. Designer Express (DX) has been used to extend standard reporting functionality. Using DX report linking returned materials (RMA), reason codes, sales and inventory has provided combined visibility of inventory movement into a single, real-time view. Not only has the Skellerup finance team increased enterprise-wide visibility, but operations now also has a unified tool for reporting and forecasting, sales, inventory and purchasing. By incorporating all pieces of the process into one system, Skellerup has been able to reduce costs and streamline their business.

“For the first time, we could truly understand the impact of inventory stock levels through sales and bottom-line revenue. Hubble was a big move forward.” - James Makoni, Supply Chain Manager, Skellerup

Only flexible, reliable business management from here

At the end of the day, Hubble herded it all together for Skellerup. The solution was fuss free for them; requiring no dumping or reformatting of data. Just pure, real-time information and flexible reporting. Take it from them, Hubble just makes it happen.

 “We can’t imagine life without Hubble.” - Makoni

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