San Diego, June 15, 2015 — At the HubbleUP 2015 User Conference, insightsoftware.com today announced the Hubble Performance Management Platform, the industry’s first complete business performance management solution that offers business financial managers real-time insight for reporting, analytics, and planning fully integrated with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. 

The Hubble Performance Management Platform, which can run on-premise or in the cloud, is tightly integrated with industry-leading ERP solutions from Oracle to provide CFOs, their finance departments and the whole enterprise with the tools needed to understand business performance — and take actions to grow the business, save costs, and operate at greater efficiency. 

Many CFOs today rely upon the ERP as the core system for financial transactions and processes, but are often challenged when it comes to reporting, analytics, and planning. While numerous third-party providers offer Business Intelligence (BI) tools, those often rely upon data warehouses – which extract and process a subset of the ERP data during period batch jobs. The BI reports and analysis from those data warehouses are not in real time, and only offer a window into that subset of the enterprise data, denying CFOs and other business leaders access to a full picture of their organization’s performance. 

According to Alexander Drobik and Nigel Rayner from Gartner “Most organizations use corporate performance management (CPM) applications and business intelligence (BI) platforms to extract, aggregate and manipulate data from ERP. This creates challenges for IT, and also undermines the benefits of the common ERP information model, because data has to be extracted and held in data marts and/or warehouses.” Source: Gartner, Inc. 2015 Strategic Road Map for Postmodern ERP, Alexander Drobik, Nigel Rayner, 25 February 2015 

By contrast, the Hubble Performance Management Platform ties directly into Oracle ERPs, and offers finance departments a fast, complete, real-time picture into the enterprise performance. No delays, no subsets, just actionable insight. 

“As a company that prides itself on high performance, we knew we couldn’t come out on top using spreadsheets. Hubble really knocks it out – their approach to performance management is transformational” said Danny Bazan Director of Financial Planning and Analysis with Zuffa, LLC.

For reporting, the Hubble platform offers end users the ability to easily create and run their own reports or do ad-hoc inquiries on the fly. For analytics, business stakeholders can see real-time metrics, scorecards and gorgeous dashboards or set proactive alerts. With planning, CFOs can budget, plan and forecast using current business drivers — and upload the result directly into the ERP to effectively manage performance to plan. The Hubble platform solves the spreadsheet data management challenge. Excel is leveraged for financial models and calculations while Hubble automates workflow and optimizes data management using security policies determined by the ERP. 

Angus Robertson, Vice President Product Marketing at insightsoftware.com, said, “With traditional Business Intelligence, you’re disconnected from your data source, you’re not operating in real-time and you don’t have access to all the data. CFOs are forced to make compromises, which slows down the business, because there’s no confidence in the data. Nobody truly knows what the right number is. Well, until now: We solve that problem.” 

Across the spectrum of companies using ERP and BI, finance professionals spend 64% of their time doing data management and only 36% of their time doing analysis, said Robertson. “It’s important that they spend the majority of their time doing analysis, because by analyzing the data they provide insights into the business to help grow the business or save costs.” 

Actian technology helps power the Hubble Performance Management Platform – “As industry leaders for big data solutions we continue to be amazed at how innovative companies apply big data to solve real business problems.  Hubble and Actian products create a compelling big data offering that delivers timely insights” says Christy Maver, Director Product Marketing at Actian. 

We believe the Hubble Performance Management Platform fits into the Nexus of Forces vision expressed by research firm Gartner Inc.. The Nexus of Forces — the convergence of mobile, social, cloud and information — has become the platform for digital business, and the Hubble platform fills a gap left behind by ERP and BI solutions. 

Robertson said, “Performance is in everything that we do, that’s why we can process more than one billion transactions in less than ten seconds. Because Hubble was designed with mobile and social first, business users can access the information they need when they need it with the relevant context.” 


The Hubble Performance Management Platform is now generally available. For more information, see gohubble.com/

About Hubble® 

Hubble® is an integrated suite of performance management apps from insightsoftware.com. It offers reporting, analytics and planning in a single real-time solution that fully understands your ERP. Hubble integrates your critical business systems so users at all levels have access to live data-extraordinarily fast. With this type of visibility, everyone can easily understand, manage and predict the business.


Hubble is a brand name of the insightsoftware.com Group. insightsoftware.com is a registered trademark of insightsoftware.com Limited. Hubble is a registered trademark of insightsoftware.com International Unlimited. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. 


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