It's time. Officially. Discoverer has left the building, folks. Oracle as a company is ready to migrate away from Discoverer to a new reporting solution. And, if you haven't made the same switch yet… well, why?

We dished about the problems with Disco in a technical conversation with the ERP Systems Analyst for a casual Mexican eatery you may just know and love (the answer is always yes to more guac). When it came to Discoverer, instead of matching the do-it-yourself mantra of the company, the analyst found that he had to ask IT every time he needed to make or change a report. A process he called "unacceptable" because:

"We might possibly see our changes completed in months, maybe even sometimes we would have to wait a year for a whole new report to be created."

The solve? Switching to Hubble. Hear it from him - 

What About Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)?

Warning: Oracle’s latest creation - the OBIEE “reporting tool” is actually more of an Oracle BI tool. Not exactly a one-to-one comparison. OBIEE is an expensive alternative to Discoverer that may require a lot of IT effort. Think twice before quickly migrating. There might be a better way to see your Oracle E-business Suite Financials. 

There is better way to see your Oracle E-business Suite Financials. Continue watching to:

  • Gain an understanding of all your reporting options (there are more than just OBIEE)
  • Hear one company’s real-life transition off of Discoverer and where they are at now
  • See a demo of a real-time reporting solution that can transform your business for the better

Ready to leave Disco in the dust? We've got you covered and we promise this will be so, so easy for you. Our Oracle Discoverer In-A-Box Replacement package was built to quickly and painlessly provide relief to those migrating from Oracle's native reporting tool and is your one-stop-shop for an effortless, sustainable migration. 

Need more information? Read this blog article, 3 Signs You Should Replace Oracle Discoverer, to explore the top reasons that most customers look to replace discoverer as a reporting tool.  

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