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Planning for Hubble® Cloud Maintenance

The following information regarding Hubble maintenance windows is provided for planning purposes only and is subject to change at insightsoftware.com's sole discretion.

Whenever possible, insightsoftware.com adheres to the following system maintenance windows, which may impact the availability of your Hubble service.

RegionDayStart TimeEnd TimeDurationTime Zone


Every Sunday



4 hours

Los Angeles (PST)

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Every Sunday



4 hours

London (GMT)

Asia Pacific

Every Sunday



4 hours

Sydney (AEDT)


While insightsoftware.com will not necessarily use every one of these windows to perform maintenance, we recommend that your enterprise develop business practices that allow this period of downtime for your Hubble service. insightsoftware.com will send a notification about scheduled downtime at least one week in advance through the mailing list (see below) whenever possible.

Unscheduled Maintenance Windows

Unscheduled maintenance is possible, but rare. When insightsoftware.com experiences issues that lead to an unscheduled interruption of your Hubble service, we will do everything we can to minimize the impact to you and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Emergency releases are conducted on an as-needed basis and can occur any day of the week.  Whenever possible, patches and emergency releases are deployed during off-peak hours.

insightsoftware.com will send a notification in advance of unscheduled maintenance whenever possible. In the event that we are unable to send advance notification of unscheduled maintenance, we recommend that you contact Customer Service at support@myhubble.com for additional details.

Notification of Maintenance Events

To help you prepare for maintenance events that may affect Hubble availability, insightsoftware.com provides an opt-in mailing list for customers who want to receive notifications about scheduled maintenance windows and unscheduled maintenance events.

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