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General Service Level Policies

insightsoftware.com International, insightsoftware.com Limited, and insightsoftware.com, Inc. ("insightsoftware.com") offer high-quality software support using industry-standard troubleshooting practices through an in-house support center.
The Service Level Policies below define the services provided by insightsoftware.com under the Software Support provisions of the Software License, Services and Maintenance Support Agreement or the Software License and Maintenance Support Agreement ("Agreement"). They are supplemental to, and are incorporated by their terms into the Agreement. All terms defined in the Agreement shall have the same meaning when used in this document. Any customer in compliance with the terms of the Software Support provisions of its Software License and Maintenance Support Agreement is eligible to receive this support.

The services specified in this document are provided only for Supported Program(s) as defined below. These policies are subject to change on a periodic basis

  1. Support Center Information.

    insightsoftware.com operates a support center Monday through Friday, excluding local public holidays, between the hours of 8am to 5pm local time. Local time is determined by the location of the Customer as specified in the Agreement. Support is provided in English language only. The support center can be accessed at any time via the web using the following address:

    Web: community.gohubble.com

    Our Customer Portals provide 24 x 7 online access; the Support Portal (located on this website) is used for logging and managing Support cases, while our Community Portal (accessed through our product) is used for Support case management as well as documentation, best practices information, training guides, release notes, training videos, and more!

    The following e-mail can also be used to contact the Support Center:

    E-Mail: support@gohubble.com

    Customer may contact the support center for (i) clarification of functions and features of the Supported Program(s); (ii) clarification of the Documentation; (iii) guidance in operation of the Supported Program(s); (iv) assistance in identifying and verifying the causes of suspected Defects in the Supported Program(s); and (v) advice on bypassing identified Defects in the Supported Program(s), if reasonably possible.

  2. Support Center Procedures.

    Customer Contact will nominate up to and no more than 5 named contacts to act as the only contacts to insightsoftware.com support center. These named contacts must be qualified in that they have received any required training specified by insightsoftware.com. This requirement will facilitate coordination of all requests, and centralized communication of product fixes, enhancements, and update plans. Each issue received by the support center will be assigned a reference number to be used for tracking the issues until resolved. Issues are categorized by severity and type.

    The severity levels are:

    1. Critical - Prevents or heavily impairs the use of the system, such as not being able to connect to the system.
    2. High - Causes a major disruption to the user of the system, such as a complete loss of a key feature.
    3. Medium - Causes a minor loss of functionality where a workaround is available.
    4. Low - Causes minimal impact to the daily functioning of the system.
    5. Information - feature-functionality feedback.

    The issue types are:

    1. Defect an issue involving a documented, standard feature in the product.
    2. Enhancement - an issue involving features and/or functionality that currently does not exist in the product.
    3. Installation - an issue involving the installation of the software.
    4. Configuration - an issue involving the configuration of the software.
    5. Upgrade - an issue involving the upgrade to a new release of the software.


    Issue Handling: insightsoftware.com support center will assign the issue to a qualified support analyst who will respond within 24 hours to the named contact. The analyst will follow standard problem-solving techniques to attempt to resolve the issue to the Customer’s satisfaction.

    insightsoftware.com will make good faith efforts to provide the defect correction, replacement or workaround as soon as is reasonably possible, taking into consideration the applicable Severity level.

    WHILST INSIGHTSOFTWARE.COM WILL ENDEAVOUR TO RESPOND AND ADDRESS THE ISSUE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE PROVIDED IN THE AGREEMENT, INSIGHTSOFTWARE.COM EXPRESSLY MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES THAT ANY ISSUE LOGGED BY THE CUSTOMER WILL BE ADDRESSED WITHIN A PARTICULAR PERIOD OF TIME. insightsoftware.com shall have no responsibility to fix any Defects arising out of or related to the following causes: (a) Customer’s modification or combination of the Supported Program(s) (in whole or in part), (b) use of the Supported Program(s) in an environment other than a Supported Environment; or (c) causes other than use in conformity with the Documentation

  3. Updates.

    insightsoftware.com will provide Updates for the Supported Program(s) as and when developed for general release at insightsoftware.com sole discretion. Each Update will consist of a set of programs and files made available on machine-readable media and will be accompanied by Documentation adequate to inform Customer of the problems resolved and any significant operational differences resulting there from.

  4. Supported Program(s).

    insightsoftware.com will support the current release and one prior release of software. A release may include product enhancements as well as defect resolutions. A release will be signified by a change in the year designation in the product name. For example, “2012.2” will be a release update from “2012.1”.

  5. Access to Personnel and Equipment.

    Subject to Customer’s reasonable security requirements, Customer agrees to provide insightsoftware.com with access to Customer’s personnel and its equipment during normal business hours. This access must include the ability to dial-in to the equipment on which the Supported Program(s) are operating and to obtain the same access to the equipment as those of Customer’s employees having the highest privilege or clearance level. insightsoftware.com will inform Customer of the specifications of the modem equipment and associated software needed, and Customer will be responsible for the costs and use of such equipment.

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