As society shifts, technology advances and expectations amend, there is much to know now rather than later. Explore this series and learn about specific challenges and trends that are to influence teams within the areas of HR, Finance, Operations and Innovation.

The Series

Every new year presents the opportunity to take a closer look at trends, insights and unforeseen events that may provide invaluable insight into what is ahead. As society shifts, technology advances and expectations amend, there is much to know now rather than later.

The HR of Tomorrow

The role of human resources is changing. Traditionally known as the face of the organization, this vital business unit has long handled people management. Now, they will take on much more. Societal shifts, government regulations and advances in technology are redefining the scope of work for the HR professional in more ways than one. Are you ready?

The Age of Interaction

As we continue to live in the digital age amongst unlimited information, businesses and brands across all industries are in a constant state of evolution in order to stay relevant. When the most impactful purchasing influences become equal, customer experience takes on a whole new meaning.

Innovating Onward

Successful innovation teams know what it takes to deliver desired outcomes. This is about what they don’t know. This session goes beyond best practices to uncover what forward-thinking dev teams will be doing to efficiently and effectively innovate in the year to come

Operational Excellence

Unpredictable economies and unforeseen market disruptions are making it more difficult than ever for organizations and enterprises to keep up, let alone advance. Unavoidable circumstances aside, some business has found a way to truly challenge the status quo. Their approach and the results are something to pay attention to.


Human Resources

2018 will carry specific challenges with respect to workforce regulations, transparency and flexibility. This combination of factors suggests that...

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Customer Experience

The convergence of IoT and natural language processing advances have radically changed our expectations as consumers of how we should be able to interact with brands and information.

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For organizations and enterprises relying on traditional financial performance processes, supplemented with business intelligence platforms...

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Information Technology

As time goes on, IT professionals will be pushed more and more toward business strategy, rather than just tech advisory. 2018 is an opportunity for IT to stretch...

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