Real Estate Management


As a real estate or property management professional, your day-to-day requires direct insight into business performance.By getting the right insights at the right time, you can spend less time managing information and more time taking strategic action.


Built on the belief that business performance management should be easy, Hubble enforces your vision of data access throughout the entire organization without needing IT. Whether you manage retail or office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, apartments, or mixed-use properties, Hubble can help you reduce business risk and efficiently manage your property with ease.

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Oversee finance and accounting operations, corporate planning, corporate treasury, insurance, tax planning and compliance for year-over-year growth with Hubble Suite.

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VP of Leasing

Access real-time information to optimize your tenant mix to ensure success across your real estate portfolio.

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Property Manager

Hubble provides dashboard visualizations allowing the business to see property revenue, occupancy goals, and resident retention as well as managing budgeting performance and financial reporting to ensure property assets are growing.


Property data, lease detail, occupancy status, billing activity and legal requirements are just some of the areas property managers would like to have immediate access to. Now, you can. Equipped with real-time reporting, analytics and planning, Hubble puts all your information at your fingertips and more.

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Commercial Property Management

Hubble for property management is a solution built for every segment of the commercial real estate industry. Regardless of which line of business you focus on, Hubble can help you navigate the landscape and increase profitability.

Office building
Retail property
Industrial property
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Land Development
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Storage Facility
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Healthcare Facility


Building reports and organizing data for analysis is time consuming and inefficient. Utilizing an integrated solution like Hubble, removes such inefficiencies effortlessly. Our unique ERP integration allows us to seamlessly combine your financial, and property-specific data into pre-built reports that you can easily consume and customize. .

Lease Expiration

Streamline lease expiration management strategies with one, easy-to-use solution. View a single lease for one tenant, all leases across multiple buildings, total square footage for any tenant across leases, and more. Pull in lease log and amenity detail for any tenant or group of tenants and view all data within your leases in one single view.


Maximize potential revenue opportunities by getting complete visibility into the status of current or soon-to-be vacant units. View current rates, alongside market rents, to gain full access to potential leasing opportunities. Improve or create sustainable resident retention programs to improve and maintain occupancy rates.

Rent Rolls

With one single real-time view of historic, current, and future rent rolls, users no longer have to maintain a separate rent roll for each customer. Filter anyway you want—by property, unit, tenant—and choose the as-of date you need. Complex calculations are built-in, so end users simply adjust the report to their unique needs, and click run.

Recurring Billing

Manage recurring billing schedules and amounts. Create custom payment plans, streamline invoice creation, track past-due collections, and automate the collection reporting process.

Critical Date

Manage all critical dates (renewal options, permits, annual maintenance) relative to your leasing environment.

Billing History

Track and analyze billing histories. Easily reconcile between received payments and the payments you should have received according to the lease.

Master Lease

Gain immediate access to all critical master lease details.

Area Integrity

Ensure that square footage for property, floor, and unit remain in sync.

Security Deposit

Access complete security deposit information as needed.


Access any additional categorized and customizable information in one view.

Legal Clauses

Access complete agreed upon lease conditions to ensure compliance.

ASRA Housing Group

ASRA Housing Group is a not-for-profit organization that provides residents with affordable housing all throughout the UK.  With over 14,000 properties and over 30 years of experience, ASRA relies on Hubble to improve their customers' experience and gain the trust of prospects.

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