From production to delivery, Hubble helps you manage all aspects of the supply chain so that you experience the best return on investment time after time. Our comprehensive solution provides financial reporting, analytics, and operational or capital planning solutions to help clients in the manufacturing and distribution industry manage all aspects of business performance.


Relying on other departments to provide production updates on cost tracking, quality, distribution and more is too tedious and time consuming. Hubble users have the ability to directly access the information they need, at any time, and integrate important financial data with manufacturing, work orders, bill of material quoting, and sales item forecasting processes so that intelligent business decisions can be made while keeping an eye on the bottom line.


“We have a customer who has told us that we’ve changed the industry…because we offer something no one else does.”

– Bryan Brewer, IT and Operations Manager


Hubble’s approach to performance management allows you to control each and every part of supply chain management. You’ll never skip a beat and always be on time, if not ahead, with Hubble's reporting, analytics, and planning solutions. This isn't just a business tool. This is true, real-time, fully integrated, corporate performance management.

Financial Reporting

Evaluate and optimize production management with live information, directly from your ERP. Cost tracking has never been easier. Now you can automate reporting of margins, costs, and operating profits across all business units.

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Analytics Dashboards

Easily understand the state of your business with dynamic dashboards that allow you to drill down into the details. Get a complete view of the business operations such as money tied up in obsolete inventory or analyzing the source of your raw materials to increase your bottom line.

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Planning and Analysis

Never stress about a forecast again. Continuous planning brings your inventory in line with sales order management. Consolidate complex data from worldwide divisions and manufacturing facilities to improve production planning and scheduling.

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Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Mizuno operates all around the world. The company's sports shoes and equipment are engineered to help athletes go the extra mile while staying at the top of their game. When it came to Mizuno's forecasting and budgeting process for JD Edwards, the company needed a solution that could keep up. Hubble took the lead.


Corporate Performance Management

Equipped with reporting, analytics, and planning, Hubble allows you to understand, manage and predict business results effortlessly.

End-User Empowerment

Hubble was made for finance and business users to get the answers they need. Users can start with pre-built templates, or create their own reports in minutes, and run them in seconds.

Superior Client Support

Our dedicated Hubble support team will guide your entire migration process from pre-implementation to post-installation and ensure your team is self sufficient.

End-To-End Operations Management

Managing the supply chain well requires an understanding of all areas of operations. Directly integrated into the ERP and equipped with multi-data sourcing capabilities, Hubble enables users to own every part of the supply chain process.

Sales Order Processing


Because we know your ERP, we can seamlessly combine your manufacturing and distribution supply chain data into finished reports that you can easily customize and share.

Inventory As Of Balances

Provides access to the As Of Table in JDE. You can easily view beginning balances, period balances, net and cumulative amounts with quantities for each item, branch, location and year.

Inventory Cycle Count

Provides full access to the Cycle Count Header and Detail Tables in JDE. You can view detailed information for multiple cycle counts at the same time. You can also compare inventory unit costs against unit variances in each cycle count.

Item Balance Summary

Provides a full view of the Item Balance Table in JDE, including all inventory balances by branch with one click. You are no longer limited to viewing one item at a time, as in JDE. All item quantity buckets are also available in conjunction with unit cost amounts to give a full inventory valuation at any time.

Item History

Provides full access to Item History Table in JDE with inventory item sales amounts and quantities sold by period. The information that displays includes: item cost, price, margin, average inventory, and quantity on hand by period.

Item Ledger Transactions

Provides a full view of all inventory transactions in the Item Ledger (Cardex) Table in JDE. Pull data either by branch or all branches at the same time. Easily report on item transaction information from Inventory, Purchasing, Sales Order, Manufacturing and Warehousing. Drill down via a link to the General Ledger to ensure data integrity across modules.

UOM Conversion for Item Ledger Transactions

Provides a full view of all inventory transactions in the Item Ledger Table (Cardex) in JDE. Easily convert Item Ledger Transactions processed in a specific Unit of Measure to a common Unit of Measure.

Actual Cost History

Allows users to report on history in the IS_INV_CST_COST_HIST Table in EBS of actual costs for a specific item or range of items. Actual costs for items can be sliced by inventory organization or transaction date to help provide analysis on inventory cost trends.

Sales Detail

Gives a full view of the Sales Detail and Header Tables in JDE, which is specially formatted to provide a detailed look at all sales orders at every status. You can also easily check the quantities on hold, ordered, backordered and canceled to get a full picture of your order fulfillment status and promised inventory levels. Quickly pull in additional fields from tables in Inventory, Address Book, Advanced Pricing, Work Orders and Warehousing for full visibility of your fulfillment process.

Sales Ledger

Provides a detailed look at sales orders written in the Sales Ledger Table for every status defined by JDE activity rules. The same sales order can be viewed at each step in the sales process, allowing the user to highlight changes of concern and quickly remedy mistakes before an order becomes a problem.

Sales Commission

Provides access to the Sales Commission Table in JDE that is updated during the sales update process. View salesperson, order number, commission amount, and percent within this template to analyze past and due to be paid commissions by salesperson or group by Inventory Item, Branch or even Category Code.

UOM Conversion for Sales Order Detail

Provides access to sales data in the Sales Detail and Header Tables. Convert sales order detail transactions processed in different Units of Measures to a common Unit of Measure for easy analysis of inventory ordered, shipped and invoiced.

RNV Variance Report

Provides access to the Purchase Order Receiver Table in JDE along with the General Ledger File to view exceptions in inventory quantity or amounts received and invoiced to allow for quick reconciliation.

Purchase Order Details

View all purchase orders in the Purchase Order Detail and Header Tables in JDE or the PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL File in EBS created either for inventory or a GL expense account. You can see all orders at any status and by specific criteria, such as branch, category code, cost, requisition order or supplier.

Goods Received Status

Provides an inside look of the Purchase Order Receiver Table in JDE providing access to all match type records 1, 2, 3 and 4. You can also see all received and vouchered amounts, quantities, and any specific PO detail information needed for analysis of your incoming Purchase Orders.

PO Receipts

Provides key information for receipts including the originating orders from the RCV_TRANSACTIONS Table in EBS. Allows for quick analysis of incoming inventory by supplier to assist in identifying supplier performance and on-time receipts.

Receipt Routing Ledger

Optimized to view data from the Receipt Routing Ledger Table in JDE. This is beneficial when performing analysis for a receipt routing operation on incoming inventory during quality control, as well as viewing other incoming purchase order header, detail, or receiving data.

Matching R12

Provides purchase order information from the PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL Table in EBS. Ability to see in one view the purchase order inventory or expense account ordered, billed and delivered by costs and quantities. A common application for users is a full view of the 2-way and 3-way matching process.

Capacity Messages

Provides access to data in the Capacity Messages Table in JDE, which contains the action messages that are generated by Manufacturing Resource Planning functions like RRP, RCCP, and CRP. Full visibility to these messages keeps communication consistent and available for all shop floor processes.


Provides access to the Bill of Material Master Table in JDE. Data can be easily grouped by Item Master categories. Bill of Material structures can be imported from JDE, and then edited for what-if scenario analysis in Hubble.

MRP Time Series

Provides access to the MPS/MRP/DRP Summary Table in JDE to allow for detailed analysis of the item series for the material requirements plan. Access to this data in one view allows the ability to slice and dice data as needed to aid in decision making when reviewing the master plan, based on time-phased supply and demand for inventory in question.

Forecast Detail

Provides access to the Sales Forecast Table in JDE, which stores the forecast data that RRP validates. Access to both the detail and summary forecasts across all branches for a complete view of projected quantity and costs that can be analyzed by Item Number, Item or Business Unit Category Code, Branch, or Forecast Type.

Location Detail

Provides access to the Location Detail Information Table in JDE, allowing for complete visibility of inventory warehouse specifications. Users can easily determine which items are available for Pick, Putaway or Replenishment as well as the Unit of Measure and location and lot of inventory storage.

Warehouse Requests

Provides access to the Warehouse Request Table in JDE allowing for quick action and analysis while viewing inventory by warehouse code and task status to better enable order fulfillment, warehouse putaway and replenishment.

Warehouse Suggestions

Provides access to the Warehouse Suggestions Table in JDE allowing for full visibility of moving inventory to better predict and plan warehouse putaway, pick and replenishment for a single item or multiple items at one time.

"Everyone has access to the same information in real time. When we understand the details behind the numbers, we are able to respond confidently to big-picture questions,"

Cathy Reece, Financial Controller Bibby Distribution


Hubble is the only complete suite of business performance management apps for reporting, analytics, and planning that is specifically designed for seamless integration to your Oracle, JD Edwards, or SAP ERP system. Integrate financial, sales, and operational performance management processes for a comprehensive view of business performance anytime, anywhere.

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