Why Business Intelligence Tools Can Actually Hurt Your Business

The Ultimate, No-nonsense Guide to Easier Data Visualizations and Real-time Dashboards.

Business intelligence (BI) tools like Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, or Domo do a great job of making static data look pretty, but they’re disconnected from real-time performance data and in turn, overall business strategy.

IT and Finance professionals are caught between a rock and a hard place; you need to show real-time performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) *and* use compelling and collaborative visuals for the C-suite.

Most BI tools are not integrated with ERP systems -- so by the time the C-suite sees a BI dashboard, the underlying data has changed. You might as well attach a note to that dashboard saying, “If you’re reading this BI dashboard it’s too late.”

“The Ultimate, No-nonsense Guide to Easier Data Visualizations and Real-time,” tells you exactly what you need to know about better dashboards and why BI and most analytics tools only make things worse, including:

  • BI analytics fails: the downfalls of BI analytics and why BI analytics tools will only make it worse
  • How to avoid overdone dashboards & to choose KPIs that count
  • Comparing dashboard tools
  • How Zuffa designed, implemented and delivered real-time visuals to the C-suite in 3-weeks

It’s time to cut through the BI analytics jargon and make visuals and dashboards work for you.


“As a company that prides itself on high performance, we knew we couldn’t come out on top using spreadsheets. Hubble’s approach to performance management is transformational.”

 – Danny Bazan, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Zuffa

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